June 19th, 2013

Greeting Fellow Gardeners!
We’ve got lots of edible, ornamental, medicinal, native, and just plain old awesome plants for sale at OLD CITY Farm and Guild…
So stop by, say hello, and take a look around!

Do you love

skateboarding, film, art, and empowering kids?

Than this event is for you!

Skate Girls Tribe is sponsoring a Skateistan night at Old City Farm which is shaping up to be an amazing night of fun and creativity!!

Check out the Facebook event here!

And for more info, check out an article about the event and it’s sponsors!
Check out the article here!

Save Rock Creek Park Trees!



Join Rock Creek Conservancy volunteers and the National Park Service to save park trees from the chokehold of English ivy, an invasive vine that grows up tree trunks and will eventually weaken and kill the tree.


Volunteers will cut ivy from tree trunks using hand tools. Tools, gloves, and training on how to identify and cut English ivy will be provided.  Ages 16 and up to use tools.

Saturday, June 22, from
9:30 to 11:30 am
Click HERE to register!
(It’s free!)

Words of the Week 

“As people alive today, we must consider future generations: A clean environment is a human right like any other. It is therefore part of our responsibility toward others to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier, than we found it”
His Holiness
The Dalai Lama


April 18th, 2013

The plants are loving this rainy Thursday morning,
in the Nations Capital!



 Speaking of plants, you need
to check out our diverse selection!

 In addition to our magnificent selection of ornamental plants for your garden, we are living true to our word, and expanding our selection of edible and native plants!

We’ve got a huge selection of herbs and veggies,
and we’ve got a truckload of fruit trees, and tons of natives are on their way!


Blueberries, asparagus, tomatoes, basil, zinnias, pansies, begonias, Japanese maples, organic compost, perennials for the sun & shade, pottery and much much more….

LIKE, local, organic compost and potting soil from
Chesapeake Compost Works
(Frank is thrilled about that!)

You NAME it, we’ve GOT it!

(And if we don’t, we’d be happy to try and order it for you!) 




Words of the Week
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
1850 – 1919

I am the voice of the voiceless;
Through me the dumb shall speak,
Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.

From street, from cage and from kennel,
From stable and zoo, the wail
Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
Of the mighty against the frail.

Oh, shame on the mothers of mortals,
Who have not stopped to teach
Of the sorrow that lies in dear, dumb eyes,
The sorrow that has no speech.

The same force formed the sparrow
That fashioned man the king;
The God of the whole gave a spark of soul
To furred and to feathered thing.

And I am my brother’s keeper,
And I will fight his fight,
And speak the word for beast and bird,
Till the world shall set things right.